Reveal | Day 31- March 29 | Psalm 26

Jacob Bryant
There are times in life when something happens to us that is simply wrong and we don’t understand why God would let us endure such suffering. It can feel like God has slammed the door in our faces and turned his back on us. We all struggle with situations like these at one point or another.

Truth be told, we live in a sinful and fallen world. In this, we are not alone and we can be redeemed through Christ. There are unjust circumstances in our life. We tend to say it’s not our fault and point our finger at God saying justice should be brought upon us or the situation. In this psalm, David asks the Lord to test his motives and his heart because he has “trusted in the Lord without wavering”. Even though that is true, he is still suffering.

In Matthew 5:45 Jesus tells his disciples “For He gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the just and the unjust alike”. Even though we are believers and walk with God in integrity, we are not safe from the tragic things that happen in our fallen world. How we respond to these situations is what brings us closer to Christ. We want our response to be like David’s and meet God at the altar “singing a song of thanksgiving”. We need to walk in integrity in these circumstances because even though the enemy means evil, God will use it for our good. At the end of today’s reading, David asks the Lord to redeem him and be merciful.

We worship a loving and forgiving God whose grace is never-ending. It can be easy at times to give into the sinful world that we live in and be angry at God. Even so, he forgives us when we act out of anger, and never leaves our side when we try to turn and walk away. Next time we find ourselves going through a hard time, we need to be patient and let God show his faithfulness to us through the situation. The enemy intends to do evil, and even though we might not see it, God will use it for his good.

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