Reveal | Day 23- March 20 | Psalm 6

Logan Karsten
At the beginning of Psalm 6, David says, “My soul is in deep agony. How long, Lord, how long?”

On Maundy Thursday, the last supper, Judas betrayed Jesus. After that betrayal, all the bad things started happening to Jesus. Jesus went through the worst torture there was, both physically and mentally. Then, on Good Friday, Jesus was crucified. For the first Christians, the days of his torture and death had to feel like an eternity. I imagine that they prayed and prayed for Jesus during that time. Then, three days later on Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead.

According to Mark 9:30-32 Jesus told the disciples he would be killed but in 3 days would rise again. The disciples did not understand what he was talking about. All they could do was pray. In God’s time, Jesus was resurrected from the dead and their prayers were answered.

Today, everybody is so used to a fast-paced life and instant answers. When we pray, we expect God to answer right away. Sometimes, God doesn’t answer right away, but he is always listening. He is always there to help. The thing is, God doesn’t work on our schedule, he works on his. We may think it’s taking him too long, but then we are reminded that God’s timing is perfect.

At the end of the Psalm, David says, “The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.” That’s why I love our Lord so much. No matter how deep in the depths I am, I can always count on God to answer my prayer for mercy. This shows me that no matter what somebody does to me, I can stay calm, not jump to conclusions, and extend forgiveness

As you journey through this season of Lent, remember the Lord is always listening to you. Just because he doesn’t answer you right away, he still cares and will do what’s best for you.

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