Reveal | Day 17- March 13 | Psalm 65

Nicole Cloyed
As I look out among the dry and tightly compacted soil of my garden, I am overwhelmed with the work to be done. After the long winter months, spring is finally approaching. I don’t know about you, but that brings me immense joy! Yet, when I look out at the work that is required of me to prepare this soil for planting, I wish to myself that things could just stay the same. That by some miraculous intervention, I wouldn’t have to till that hard ground, sow new seeds, water, weed, or do any other tedious task that goes along with preparing a garden. But I also know that a healthy harvest hinges upon the care and preparation that is put into soil. Therefore, this work is necessary.

In many ways, my garden is like my heart. It becomes hard when not tended. It becomes dry after neglecting to spend time with Jesus, the Living Water. It becomes overgrown with weeds of others’ opinions, fear, and pride. My heart needs work. Work that I cannot do on my own. As Christians, we have hope when we recognize our limits.

This hope can be seen in our psalm for today. Psalm 65 is one of thankfulness, pointing readers to the Lord’s provision in our lives. It speaks of how God tends the soil: making it rich, anticipating the harvest, softening it with rains, creating lush pastures out of the wilderness. The same is true for us. God is the One who provides the word that softens our hearts and can change our bleak circumstances to areas of great growth. The One who created us and empowers us with the Holy Spirit stands ready, collaborating with us to do the necessary work.

Take time today to reflect on the ways that God has provided for you in the last week, last month, the last year. Offer thanks in prayer for these provisions. Now, reflect on the places that your heart may need work. Ask the Lord to meet you there and begin the work of tilling, planting, weeding, and growing your heart to be more like His.

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