Reveal | Day 16- March 11 | Psalm 127

Mark Brinkley
The “Songs of Ascents” (of which the 127th is one) are written to help the reader prepare for coming events. I often wonder about the backstory that caused the Psalmist to pen these words. I wonder what experiences have struck to create the words of today’s psalm. What pain or suffering had this author’s path shown? Was it the pain of aloneness, the struggle of enduring loss, ongoing sickness, or the questioning of faith? Did the author question where God was in the present situation? I sit in silence wondering as these questions linger. Then, it is at this moment that “I” sit with the names of my tradition.

I am drawn to silence in the presence of the Ancient of Days, Jehovah. I witness the breathtaking existence of Jehovah-Bore my El Chuwl. I am warmly embraced by El Roi. I am seen by my El Chuwl. I reach to grasp ahold of Jehovah-Raphi. I recognize the face of Jehovah-Shalom. I connect with my guide Jehovah-Rohi. for I am rescued, Jehovah-Shammah has been with me always.

Oh, the refreshing, consoling wash of being seen, being known. The backstory has become my present story; surely, this is the script the psalmist wrote of the presence of El Olam. The presence of the One sits with me in these early hours. For now, this ascent has brought peace and hopeful joy. In this moment, I sit in quiet reverence of Jehovah-Jireh as a result of one who centuries ago took time and care to develop a message that reaches the depths of humanness for the reader.

Welcome ABBA. Sit with me.

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