We hope that our guests encounter a warm, welcoming environment where they are drawn into a relationship with Jesus the moment they walk in the door.Several years ago, we updated the Vanderpool Lobby to facilitate connection. Our hope is to multiply this experience in the North Lobby with additional natural light, permanent coffee bar, a second guest central, and an updated feel. We also plan to give the existing restrooms in the North Lobby a vastly improved layout and add two accessible restrooms that also accommodate families. We believe these updates to the North Lobby are essential to improve our guest experience and facilitate connection.


Ministry to youth - middle school and high school - has been a foundational part of College Church’s ministry since the church began. We regularly see over 100teenagers participating on Sunday mornings – worshiping together, reading theBible, meeting with teens their age, and praying for one another. Last year, we completed an update to our elementary kids department. The result has been a facility that is exciting for Kids to come to and invite their friends. We have seen tremendous growth in just one year! We believe we will experience that same result when we invest in the Youth Ministry department. It is our hope that by adding a welcome center, updating space for connection, and improving the currentintentional worship space, the result will be College Church reaching more youth for generations to come.


One of our most used spaces by the community is the Garrett Chapel/Uphaus Hall corridor. Many funerals, parties, receptions, building rentals, and other community events happen in this space. Additionally, this is where our Salvation Army Outpost is located and our Hispanic Ministry worships weekly. Unfortunately, the restrooms in this corridor are extremely dated, cramped, and inaccessible to impaired individuals and families. We know many individuals, who never enter another part of our church, use these bathrooms. If their impression of College Church is based on these facilities, we have done ourselves and our guests a great disservice. In this space, it is our hope to completely remodel the two existing restrooms. We also plan to add two new accessible restrooms that also accommodate families.


We are committed to pay cash for each project in order to not accrue any additionaldebt. This means as we raise enough money for Priority #1 (the North Lobby), we willbegin that project. As we raise enough money for Priority #2 (Youth Ministry space),we will begin that project. Finally, as we raise enough money for Priority #3 (Garret/Uphaus Restrooms), we will begin that project. We believe that paying cash for theseprojects is the most responsible way to steward our future resources.


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A Note From Pastor Kevin

“I am so excited to go on this journey with you for the next two years. When I arrived at College Church two years ago, I knew God had great things in store for us as a church. What I did not expect or anticipate was how quickly God would unite us as a people. He has done a great thing in our hearts and I sense there is much more to come. I am honored to be your Lead Pastor during this time and I cannot wait to see what God does through us as we move forward together. College Church, let’s go On Mission together!"


Pray that God would help us to continue being faithful to the mission of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. Pray that God would provide resources to meet the needs of the vision God has given us for our facility.
Help us reach our goal of 100% participation for On Mission.
Invite those within your influence to join you at College Church. Look for the opportunity to lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus!
Ask God to show you what it looks like to give in a way that honors God and stretches you to trust Him over this two-year journey.


Why is 100% participation important?

We believe that God is inviting all of us to go On Mission. You’ll learn that we are talking about this with our kids, teens, college-aged adults, and everyone else. There is power when we do this together!

How many years is this initiative?

On Mission is a 2-year initiative. However, some have asked if they could give over 3 years, and that is fine. If that is your plan, please note that on your commitment card.

When will the work start on the building?

We will start each priority when we have enough cash in hand to pay for the project.

Why are we prioritizing these three projects?

The Church Board and Staff went through a detailed prioritization process and looked at all the parts of our building through the eyes of a first-time guest. These three areas were prioritized as making the biggest first-time guest impression.

When can I start giving to On Mission?

Well, you can start right away if you’d like. But we are asking most people to begin their giving to On Mission in January 2024.

What if we don’t raise enough?

The Church Board, Facility Committee, and Administration Committee will reassess the projects and will only begin construction when enough cash is raised.

Is this financial commitment in addition to my regular giving?

Yes, we view the On Mission commitments to be in addition to regular giving. The regular giving of College Church members and attenders allows us to cover our dayto day costs.

Who do I talk to about legacy gifts?

You can talk with:
Pastor John Pickens  (
or Tonya Johnson (