Reveal | Day 28- March 25 | Psalm 143

Jana Burnham
Have you ever had a day where it seems like you just can’t win? You pick yourself up only to get knocked down again…and again…and again? We find David praying for help and guidance in Psalm 143 when he finds himself knocked down, crushed, and feeling no way out.

David prays to God and begs to be listened to. He cries out for God to pay attention to his needs. It is clear that David wants God to answer his prayer, but even in his desire for God to respond, David reveals a trust in God that accompanies his desperation for God to act. He knows that the Lord is his helper and offers unfailing love. It is out of that foundation of trust that David asks God not only to answer, but to answer according to God’s faithfulness.

There are moments in this psalm where we sense the darkness David finds himself living in. He is honest with God throughout his prayer and confesses that his spirit is overwhelmed and weary. David is discouraged. The turning point for David is when he begins to remember the past and how God has worked and shown goodness. This brings encouragement to David and even moves him to an intense longing for God as he humbly submits and asks the Lord to lead and guide him.

As we experience discouragement and days when our souls are dry and thirsty, may we cry out honestly to the Lord. Like David, may we also remember the goodness of God. Even when our hearts grow numb, may we humbly invite God to teach, lead, and deliver us. In the darkness of life, we pray our nights be displaced by mornings where we sense God’s unfailing love as we offer praise to our Lord and admit our daily dependence on God.

Take a moment today to listen to the song, “Goodness of God” – and be encouraged by God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life and the world around you.

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