Reveal | Day 22- March 18 | Psalm 136:1-9, 23-25

Ibeth Olabarría
Have you ever felt that sometimes you just don’t really feel like worshiping God? Perhaps the noise and flashiness of the world distracts you. Occupations and commitments can fill a large part of one’s life. Situations can change on a dime. Unavoidable suffering that is inescapable may make its presence felt in life’s journey. All of these factors may unexpectedly cloud the desire to worship God with our lives and with our lips. Joni Eareckson Tada, a lively 17-year-old girl, dived into the waters of the Chesapeake Bay near her home where she had swam all her life. She had underestimated the depth of the water, suffering a fracture between the fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. Immediately, she became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the shoulders down. When she went in the ambulance, she exclaimed that she knew her Savior, and felt assured that her Savior would heal her.

It’s been 57 years and she’s still a quadriplegic. She was filled with bitterness, not wanting to go on anymore, but within that dark depression, God was with her. She says that the hymns that she sang in her childhood came to her mind. Through the repetition of each hymn, God allowed her to understand the purpose of her life. Worship the Lord amid any situation in which you find yourself. Eareckson now has a foundation where she has helped many disabled people and has written many books for the same cause. She has used her life, her suffering and tragedy, to worship God.

So, let us adore the Lord within whatever our situation may be:

• Can your eyes still see well? Worship God.
• Do your feet still take you where you want to go? Worship God.
• Is your body healthy? Worship God.
• Can your mouth speak? Worship God.
• Can your hands embrace work? Worship God.

If you are going through any difficulty, suffering, or pain, adore God, because he is good and he deserves all our adoration. One day the pain and suffering will end, and we will be back home!

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