Reveal | Day 24- March 21 | Psalm 32

Larry Wagner
“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” Psalm 32:7

Verse seven is perhaps the best-known part of Psalm 32. A song has been written using these words to uplift Christians. Corrie Ten Boom used these words for the title of her now famous story. It is important not to miss the message in which this verse is embedded. This hiding place is available to all the blessed mentioned in the first verse.

Who are those who are blessed? The Psalmist tells us it is those who are forgiven, those against whom God does not count their sins.

The Psalmist shares his struggles. When he kept silent, his anguish increased. His strength was sapped because God’s hand was heavy upon him. When we struggle under a load of guilt, we can relate to these struggles of the writer. We, too, face difficult days. When we try to hide our sin, the Holy Spirit speaks to us, convicting us of our transgressions.

When we feel the Spirit convicting us, we can confess our sins to God. The Psalmist tells us that this is what he did in verses 5 and 6. In doing so, he found the Lord to be his hiding place encompassed by the Lord’s songs of deliverance.

After her experience in the concentration camps, Corrie Ten Boom traveled through Europe sharing her story and calling people to God. At one of those meetings, she came face to face with the cruelest guard at the camp where she was interred. At first, she was angered, and memories of the camp came rushing back. But as he approached and began to speak, a wonderful sense of peace flooded her spirit, and she was able to forgive that man.

When we know God has forgiven us and brought us into his hiding place, we can hear his song of deliverance and offer forgiveness for those who have wronged us. Then we can “rejoice in the Lord and be glad” because he has forgiven us and made us righteous.

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