Reveal | Day 5- Feb 27 | Psalm 8

Noelia Camargo
If we contemplate the sky, we can witness the amazing and impressive things that happen in it. The movement of the clouds during the day, the immense amount of stars at night, the moon in its different aspects, and beautiful things like shooting stars…have you ever seen one? The shooting star was formed by God himself, just as human beings were.

David could see the favor of God magnifying His name even in the smallest and weakest things, with power in his words to silence the enemy.

God places us in contrast with the heavens and the rest of creation. However, the love and mercy of God make humans truly significant and show us his extraordinary power and love.

We are between earth and heaven, and everything created speaks of God. It has the seal of God. But the most beautiful thing is that he puts humankind in a special place, gives them a position of honor before everything else he has created. He has made them less than the angels but superior to the rest of creation.

The way in which God communicates has no limits. He does so through everything he has created. Just as creation announces and glorifies the presence of God, our response to our creator should be to glorify God and exalt his name at all times.

Glory be given to God over all the earth. No matter where you are, whether you are in a place that you never imagined or one that you cannot describe, the expression of praise can spring from your inner being. How great is your name in all the earth!

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