Reveal | Day 14- March 9 | Psalm 43

Ellen Weinstock
In this chapter, the psalmist is pleading with God to show up, bring deliverance, and shed some light on the situation. When circumstances overwhelm and we can’t see the way forward, what we do next is important: wallow in our grief and confusion or put our hope in God.

I’ve climbed the seemingly never-ending spiraling staircases of several lighthouses - viewing the breath-taking surrounding expanses of water. Listening to the guide at one location, we learned it was not the original lighthouse overlooking Lake Huron. When Congress was petitioned for funds to repair the deteriorating structure, a feasibility study revealed that restoring it was not the best solution. The ever-surging and receding water had so reconfigured the sandy shoreline that the lighthouse now stood over a mile inland. It was deemed irrelevant, decommissioned, and a new lighthouse was built closer to the water’s edge.

Reflecting on this story, I have been struck time and again of the possibility of becoming irrelevant and ineffective. What is required if we are to be as Jesus said, “the light of the world” and “to let our light shine”? (Matt. 5:14-16) Lighthouses have always been built to shine their light out into the blackest of nights, beckoning the wayfaring traveler to a safe haven. What could be more relevant in our world today than to stand at the precipice of darkness and cast a light that beckons the sinner home to a compassionate and loving Father?

If we are to be part of the mission to bring God’s kingdom on earth, we can’t afford to allow our light to be downcast. Imagine what would happen if the lens in the lighthouse was positioned in such a way that its beam fell only on its own base and not out to sea, piercing the darkness. When we allow our soul to be downcast, our light is ineffective. Regardless of the circumstances, the psalmist is reminding us to “put our hope in God”, and praise him.

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