Reveal | Day 6- Feb 28 | Psalm 15

Rebecca Rinker
Have you ever seen a picture of a dog right after it does something very bad, like ripping apart a pillow or getting into the trash? Some dogs wear very guilty expressions and can hardly stand to look at you. Others try to act casual and play it cool, giving you a sneaky, sly side-eye. Others have absolutely no shame. They grin up at you with cheeky confidence, like they are cute or something! (My dog, Piper, falls into the third category.)

When it comes to our sin, there’s no use hiding it from God. It’s as plain as pillow stuffing all over the living room floor. So, it’s curious to me that this Psalm describing the “ideal worshiper” was sung by the Israelites when they went to worship. Who may dwell in the Lord’s presence? The one who is blameless, the one who does what is righteous, the one who speaks truth in their heart, the one who does others no wrong (Psalm 15:1-3). Surely it must have been a bit awkward to come to the temple and recite these words sometimes. How tricky to sing this psalm when one had just finished talking about a neighbor behind their back. How uncomfortable to recite it if one’s heart was littered with lies.

There is a stark contrast between the purity and holiness befitting God’s worshipers and our own skill at righteous living. What hope is there in this Psalm? Why would they still sing it? I believe the hope it shares is in the great God whose presence it describes. This God chose to dwell in a tent in order to abide with his people (Psalm 15:1). God’s commitment to us is profound. It runs so deep that the Word became flesh, died for our sins, and rose from the grave. Now in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are invited and enabled to live in righteousness.

The Psalm closes with the promise that whoever does these things will never be shaken. While it may seem costly to submit ourselves to the purifying work of the Spirit, we can rest assured that the reward is an unshakeable life.

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