Reveal | Day 30- March 28 | Psalm 13

Beau Weissend
On July 27, 2021, I began to be tempted with something that I had never dealt with: my own mind. On that day it felt like my mind wanted to pick apart, and pull into question, everything in my life that was important to me; my marriage, my kids, my hobbies, and even my faith.

In Psalm 13, we hear David, in anguish, saying, “How long...”, feeling like God has forgotten him. David then pleas for God to answer him and says, “restore the sparkle to my eyes, or I will die”.

During that season, I felt the same way towards God. I would cry out asking Him how long I would have to endure these mental attacks. I would plea to the Lord to take away the constant torment that I was experiencing. At that point, I wasn’t asking God to restore the sparkle, I just wanted rest from the attacks of my mind.

Next, David flips the script in verse 5 and chooses to trust, rejoice, and sing. David professes his faith to the Lord in the darkest of circumstances.

Through our own personal stories, we experience the ups and the downs of life. Through this psalm, David shows it’s ok to cry out to God with all our anguish, no matter how terrible it feels. For me, the Lord was patient and kind. He showed His unfailing love by sticking with me no matter the crazy thoughts that came to my mind.

Relationship with the Lord is what David so painfully and beautifully describes in this psalm. Somedays, faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only thing that can carry us. That same faith helps direct us to where the Holy Spirit wants to lead.

No matter how hard life gets, share your struggles with Jesus. He not only wants to hear them, but he desires to journey through them with you. So even when it hurts, choose faith, and praise the Lord.

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