Welcome to “40 Days through Mark”, a 40-day devotional journey through the book of Mark. We are glad you are taking this journey!

In these pages you will find 40 devotionals written by members of College Church. You will notice their unique personality and perspective in their writings. We believe that God speaks to each of us personally! It is our hope that their thoughts will help you as you reflect on the corresponding verses from Mark.

If you are unfamiliar with the book of Mark, it tells the story of Jesus. It is one of four books in the New Testament that tell the story of Jesus (the others being: Matthew, Luke, and John). Mark is the shortest of the four books and it is fast paced!

Throughout the next 40 days (not counting Sundays) you will read through the entire book of Mark. We realize that some of you may have never read an entire book of the bible. That’s okay! We are glad you are taking this journey with us.

Here are a few tips as you read through the book of Mark:
-Pick a consistent time each day to read.
-If you get behind, don’t get discouraged, just keep moving forward.
-Ask God to highlight one thing each day for you to learn.

We trust that as you read, God will speak to you. Our ultimate hope is that these 40 days help draw you closer to Jesus!

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