Reveal | Day 32- March 30 | Psalm 95
by Reveal 40 Days on March 30th, 2023
Trinity Ozias “Don’t harden your hearts.” As I read this Psalm, these words caught my eye. I reflected on this idea of having a “hard heart” and times in my past when I had a “hard heart.” I have always been stubborn, ever since I was little. I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong and very rarely do. This is something I still have to work on to this day.I recall many fights throughout my younger yea...  Read More
Reveal | Day 31- March 29 | Psalm 26
by Reveal 40 Days on March 29th, 2023
Jacob Bryant There are times in life when something happens to us that is simply wrong and we don’t understand why God would let us endure such suffering. It can feel like God has slammed the door in our faces and turned his back on us. We all struggle with situations like these at one point or another.Truth be told, we live in a sinful and fallen world. In this, we are not alone and we can be red...  Read More
Reveal | Day 30- March 28 | Psalm 13
by Reveal 40 Days on March 27th, 2023
Beau Weissend On July 27, 2021, I began to be tempted with something that I had never dealt with: my own mind. On that day it felt like my mind wanted to pick apart, and pull into question, everything in my life that was important to me; my marriage, my kids, my hobbies, and even my faith.In Psalm 13, we hear David, in anguish, saying, “How long...”, feeling like God has forgotten him. David then ...  Read More
Reveal | Day 29- March 27 | Psalm 7
by Reveal 40 Days on March 26th, 2023
Nathan Parker At the beginning of this psalm, it is stated that this psalm is a meditation of David, which he sang to the Lord concerning Cush, a Benjamite. It is uncertain who Cush is. However, most believe he is one of Saul’s attendants, as he is hunting David in the book of 1 Samuel. If this is the case, then David is fleeing for his life.David opens this prayer by recognizing that God is his r...  Read More
Reveal | Day 28- March 25 | Psalm 143
by Reveal 40 Days on March 25th, 2023
Jana Burnham Have you ever had a day where it seems like you just can’t win? You pick yourself up only to get knocked down again…and again…and again? We find David praying for help and guidance in Psalm 143 when he finds himself knocked down, crushed, and feeling no way out.David prays to God and begs to be listened to. He cries out for God to pay attention to his needs. It is clear that David wan...  Read More
Reveal | Day 27- March 24 | Psalm 130
by Reveal 40 Days on March 24th, 2023
Natalie Johnson Psalm 130 makes me think of lying in bed in the middle of the night. Pitch black. Quiet.“Lord, did you see what happened today? Did you hear what I said? Did you see what I did - how I reacted?”The middle of the night can be haunting. In our heads, we replay it all. The list of our sins can go back for decades. Sleep is lost as we think of how we could’ve done it differently. Inste...  Read More
Reveal | Day 26- March 23 | Psalm 38
by Reveal 40 Days on March 23rd, 2023
Trevor Beaudry I have been lucky enough to live a healthy life. For the most part, I have not had to deal with intense sickness, discomfort, or pain. However, when I look back, one time comes to mind. I remember picking up an illness that was going around school, and it was miserable. I was unable to eat anything, I ran a fever all day, and I did not feel like moving. Neither of my parents could g...  Read More
Reveal | Day 25- March 22 | Psalm 51
by Reveal 40 Days on March 22nd, 2023
Amber Rich “Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.” Psalm 51:1Through the ministry of Jesus, the Gospels narrate sinners calling out, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Throughout Jesus’ ministry the awareness of spiritual inadequacy leads to a repentance connecting sinners with God’s forgiveness. All those captive to ...  Read More
Reveal | Day 24- March 21 | Psalm 32
by Reveal 40 Days on March 20th, 2023
Larry Wagner “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” Psalm 32:7Verse seven is perhaps the best-known part of Psalm 32. A song has been written using these words to uplift Christians. Corrie Ten Boom used these words for the title of her now famous story. It is important not to miss the message in which this verse is embedded. This hidi...  Read More
Reveal | Day 23- March 20 | Psalm 6
by Reveal 40 Days on March 20th, 2023
Logan Karsten At the beginning of Psalm 6, David says, “My soul is in deep agony. How long, Lord, how long?”On Maundy Thursday, the last supper, Judas betrayed Jesus. After that betrayal, all the bad things started happening to Jesus. Jesus went through the worst torture there was, both physically and mentally. Then, on Good Friday, Jesus was crucified. For the first Christians, the days of his to...  Read More
Reveal | Day 22- March 18 | Psalm 136:1-9, 23-25
by Reveal 40 Days on March 18th, 2023
Ibeth Olabarría Have you ever felt that sometimes you just don’t really feel like worshiping God? Perhaps the noise and flashiness of the world distracts you. Occupations and commitments can fill a large part of one’s life. Situations can change on a dime. Unavoidable suffering that is inescapable may make its presence felt in life’s journey. All of these factors may unexpectedly cloud the desire ...  Read More
Reveal | Day 21- March 17 | Psalm 111
by Reveal 40 Days on March 17th, 2023
Marilyn Kirk, Amber Weyrauch, Reese Weyrauch How different would your day to day life look if you truly believed that God is great?“The works of the Lord are great, Studied by all who have pleasure in them. His work is honorable and glorious, And His righteousness endures forever. He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; The Lord is gracious and full of compassion.” Psalm 111:2-4 NKJV. In...  Read More