December 24
10:30AM or 1:00PM

How does your family celebrate the story of Jesus’ birth? We’d love to help you continue or start a new tradition this Christmas Eve! Invite family and friends and come out for our Christmas gatherings. We’ll spend time singing carols and worship songs, hearing from God’s Word and listening to the Christmas story. Don't forget to take a family photo at one of our Photobooth locations, and enjoy some coffee and treats before or after the service!

We can't wait to celebrate with you!

24 de Diciembre

Te invitamos esta Noche Buena a iniciar la celebración de la Navidad con nosotros. Pasaremos tiempo juntos entonando cantos navideños, escuchando la palabra de Dios, y recordando la historia de navidad. Queremos siempre recordar que la Navidad se trata de Jesús, Él es la razón de la celebración, bienvenido usted y toda su familia, domingo 24 de diciembre, 10:30 am.

December 31

We'd love for you and your family to worship with us on Sunday, December 31. We'll be reflecting on 2023 and celebrating the New Year with a combined English gathering at 10:30AM in the Main Worship Center. Join our Hispanic gathering at 10:30AM this Sunday also. 

Listen to Our 2023 Christmas Playlist!


How long will the service last?
Each Christmas Eve Service will last approximately 70 minutes. 

What should I wear?
Whatever you are comfortable in! 

Where can I drop off my kid(s) aged five  and under?
Our Early Childhood hallway is located off of Vanderpool Lobby on the East side. This hallway stays securely locked at all times, and all of our volunteers have been background checked. 

What about my Elementary kids? 
We will have goodie bags for all Elementary-aged kids located at each entrance to take into the service. Feel free to grab one for each child!