Mondays / February 27 - March 20 / 6 – 8:30PM
Location:  College Church – V301
Leaders: Kim Keller + Todd Keller

Join our listening party as we explore a powerful book by The Arbinger Group called Leadership and Self-Deception. Pastor Todd & Kim agree that for any leader who wants to learn how to hold other people in high regard, this is one of the most influential books to read. This book is in story form and will include fun group discussions with plenty of opportunities to say “ouch” or “amen.”  Even the best leaders can suffer from self-deception. Come read and grow with us.

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Dig into God's Word, a topic from scripture, strengthen your walk with Christ and learn more about who God created you to be!
Saturday / January 28 / 1-3PM
Location:  College Church – Dining Room
Leader: Sherry Sherwood

While it is true that life is full of surprises, many things that seem to derail leaders can be anticipated. With a little anticipation and self-awareness, leaders can notice patterns of thinking, emotional ups and downs, spiritual emptiness, and relational ick. Developing a plan can help leaders get out in front of it. In this workshop, leaders will learn the key features that should be included in a personal growth plan.